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Safety Lux L

The manually raising lighting tower LUX L is our best selling model; this product is the ideal solution for who ever needs a SAFE product thanks to it totally innovative 8-meter mast, which is compact at the same time, efficient and very effective.It has 4 x 1000 Watt metal-halide lamps and an incorporated 9 KVA generator in the base. Moreover, the LUX L has a 3 KVA socket that supplies sufficient electricity to power small power tools.

Safety LUX L features:
  • Maximum height 8 m
  • Manual lifting system with winch complete of auto-braking system
  • 4 floodlights 1000W Metal halide
  • 9kVA integrated generating set – 93Lwa
  • Lombardini FOCS LDW1003 diesel engine – 3 cylinders – 1500 rpm (50 Hz) – 1800 rpm (60 Hz)
  • 3KVA – 230V – 16A outlet with circuit breaker protection
  • Structure assembled on site tow trailer
  • Illuminated area: 3800 m2 – 20 lux average – 360000 lumen
  • More than 50 hours of running time