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We attract the brightest talents in our field and create an enriching working environment where the only limit is your ambition. Pursue your dream with our team of over 140 professionals around the Gulf region.

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Here’s why you should opt for a career at United-Gulf Equipment Rentals LLC (UGER)

Our values help foster an environment that enables career development and growth. We help you garner knowledge & experience while developing leadership skills and enhancing talent.

Our core values

Learning & Growth

At UGER, we believe learning to be a continual process. This ideal is a logical extension of our commitment to excel, enshrined in our mission: “Deliver excellence; Share Success”. Our amicable and harmonious work atmosphere provides the ambience to make learning at work a fun-filled activity.

Innovation & Change

UGER strives to keep pace with technology. Our pursuit of perfection encompasses investments in cutting edge technology. Our infrastructure and talent pools teem with innovation, while our young minds bloom ideas galore.


Our eminent top management instills motivation in abundance. This cascades down to our staff-member transforming them into engaged employees. With a common objective and purpose: We stand united – one for all; all for one.


Our work ethics unfurl an open culture built upon trust and understanding. We empower our staff to step forth with bold proposals - a pioneering step towards developing leadership from within – thus resulting in progress built upon mutual trust.


A key feature of our values is that its principles are functional. Empowerment yields confidence, which in turn helps our staff voice its opinion. We treat communication to be a fundamental value and instill courage and confidence in our staff-members.


Building on a corporate maxim “Unclear communication best translates into mere noise”, our resourceful and talented Training team works towards refining our inter-office and external communication. To achieve this, our staff-members are meticulously trained on hard and soft skills with an emphasis on being articulate and concise.

Voice & Dignity

Perhaps the essence of all our values is summed up by our esteemed regard for employee voice and dignity. This generates staff confidence in managerial decisions, while boosting morale and granting confidence to take bold decisions.

Cumulatively, these values cultivate a sense of oneness within the organization. They also serve as a common platform for United Gulf’s socially and culturally diverse teams of employees. We realize the importance of adhering to our values. We also embrace diversity of race, nationality and gender. We are a learning organization and believe in continuous improvement, be it in the system, processes, services or skills.