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Redefining HR

At United Gulf, we treat our employees above all else. Being an ISO 9001 accredited company, our process-oriented HR activity is focused on the following core segments:


We seek skilled, educated and talented staff and train them with relevant skills. Our HR Team undergoes a meticulous routine for screening and shortlisting potential recruits. These are further tested, evaluated, assessed and interviewed on various levels prior to selection.


Post-selection, our candidates interact with our trained team of HR and Public Relations Officers, where they are guided as well as assisted on document submissions. Our professionals provide expert advice on matters related to visa processing and onboarding.


In sync with our values of Learning and Growth, we lay emphasis on the role of training in all our human resources related activities. This fortifies our commitment to exceed customer satisfaction, thereby yielding reliability, saving time and instilling confidence. Our trainings are further divided in the following categories:

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) Training

Safety being our first concern, our trained and qualified team of QHSE professionals impart specialized QHSE trainings to all our technical staff as well as operators. As an extension of UGER’s commitment to safeguarding the environment with particular regard for Sustainable Development, our staff-members are trained on effective hazardous waste-disposal, fire and safety, and other vital trainings. We place safety at the heart of our activities – be it operations, administration, sales or service.

Soft Skills Training

Further to the above, our technical staff-members are assessed via formal technical knowledge evaluations across the year. This is followed by rounds of technical training as required. To further our values of Learning and Growth, we motivate our staff-members with incentives related to participation, progress and knowledge-sharing.