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Lux Green

The LUX GREEN tower is the latest product in the Lux Tower range; it is an innovative tower with manually vertically raising mast, incorporated generator and LED lighting.

This tower light uses 4 highly efficient 150W LEDs. This means that the incorporated generator is small and that fuel consumption is 80% less than traditional towers.The use of LED lighting guarantees a lighted surface of more than 3000 m2. LED lighting consumes very little power and is very bright and has many benefits including a life of more than 75,000 hours, no glass to replace, no lamps to replace and quick change even when hot. Our LUX GREEN is definitely an INNOVATIVE solution because it produces bright light with limited CO2 emissions and very low diesel consumption.

Some applications for LUX GREEN are: Construction, Rentals, Infrastructure, Gatherings and sports events, Airports

LUX Green features:
  • Maximum height 8m
  • Manual lifting system with winch complete of auto-braking system
  • 4 floodlights 150W LED
  • Structure assembled on site-tow trailer, single axle
  • More than 90 hours of running time
  • 6KVA super silent generating set – 93Lwa
  • Kubota Z482 diesel engine, 2 cyl.- 3000 rpm (50Hz)-3600 rpm (60Hz)
  • Illuminated area: 2600 m2 – 20 lux average – 52000 lumen
  • 75% of fuel saving