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Lux Towers

LUXTOWER light towers are MADE IN ITALY and are HIGH QUALITY and RELIABLE, compact and agile. We offer a complete range; a variety of heights of manual and hydraulic masts with a power range from 4,000 to 6,000 Watts. Vertically rising tower lights to meet the customer’s ever changing needs.

Our bestselling machine is the LUX L; it is a mobile lighting tower with a manually raising VERTICAL mast with an incorporated generator. Its compact design means up to 10 units can be loaded on one flatbed semi-truck.Our LUX L lighting tower is the outcome of collaborating with the largest construction companies that were interested in developing a revolutionary product for the sector. Before then, lighting towers had been exclusively made of machines with horizontal-vertical masts that rested on the generator. This solution was cumbersome, obsolete and potentially dangerous if the raising cable broke.