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SRG is the acronym for Strategic Role Guide.

At United Gulf, we believe in nurturing talent, in order to bring out the best in each one of them.

We provide clarity of roles to each player, hence, they are confident of working towards the company’s Vision. Our employees live and breathe the Mission, Vision and Values of the company.

Each employee is provided with his/her SRG by the line manager. The key elements of SRG focus on guiding the employee in spending his/her time in the most productive manner.

The total daily working hours are divided among the Critical Priorities for the respective job profiles.

The SRGs also provide the KPIs and the Professional Development Goals for each position and thus inculcate the culture of learning in the organization.

In this way, the employees are not only aware of United Gulf’s Vision, Mission and Values, but also how each individual plays an integral role in moving the company towards achieving them.

SRGs are the individual game plans, which are linked to the departmental game plans. The departmental game plans are inter-linked and also aligned with the corporate strategy or the corporate game plan.  Our people are our greatest assets and we aim at providing them with the best working conditions, and clear career-paths.

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