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Leadership Development


The following three are critical elements of our leadership development programs:

  •  Explicit and measurable correlation to the business strategy
  •  Intense focus on the behavioral shifts required of leaders
  •  Integrating learning into natural work processes

Keeping the above in mind, we have formulated our Leadership development program, which includes courses from leading industry sources:

  • Harvard ManageMentor from Harvard Publishing House (Managing Self, Managing Others, Managing Business)

Harvard ManageMentor provides the following benefits:

  • Knowledgeable and empowered leaders who can drive business results;
  • Integrated performance support that addresses a range of learning situations;
  • Collaboration tools that facilitate peer engagement and allow highly effective knowledge transfer within the organization;
  • The ability to track and measure the impact of investments.
  • Immediate on-the-job application of knowledge;
  • Proven business concepts;
  • Engaging and immersive way to learn.
  • Rental profitability Program from American Rental Association:

Operating a business without a plan is a risky proposition and not understanding the financial position can lead to financial stress. This online, eight-module, rental-specific program helps our leaders sharpen their financial know-how, fire up the financial dashboardsand maximize profitability.

This program has markedly sharpened our staff’s know-how of our business model and metrics.

Apart from the above, we have also organized several other seminars and workshops, such as:

  • Welch Way: Leadership in Action
  • Creating Winning Strategy from JWMI